Losing My Mind

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Evil invading my head
Wishing somehow
I could make it go away
Screaming at my mind
Pleading for my life
The evil though

Just won't go
Screaming back
It takes control
Nothing to do

Nowhere to go
I concede

Go on evil one
What you got for me

Want to be Manson 

It keeps making me Charlie 
Not Marilyn
Krampus not santa

I want to be positive
It keeps screaming negative
Must find a balance
And quick 
Before the rest of me
Is the next to be lost

Verse 2
Losing my mind
And myself within it

I am so sick 
Of this bullshit
Everyday I fight it

But it fights too
So sick of losing
For once I vow to win

At all costs
It's strong
But I'm stronger
And unlike it
I know better
Go ahead 
Evil within
I'm ready
For once I 
Won't be what's lost


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