The Rabbit Hole Called Society

Song Lyrics

Welcome to the rabbit hole
Strap in and hold on
Let's see shall we
How far it really goes

Verse 1
Poison minds 
Poisoning the blind
Just to get 
What they want
So they can get ahead 
In a world
That it too self absorbed
To notice it's falling apart
Madness and chaos
Surrounding a society
That only cares 
About status and selfies
What's in it for me
Why should I care
If for someone else
Life isn't fair
All that matters is me right?

We wake up
And down 

The rabbit hole
We go
All too eager
For our daily
Madness to show
Never caring 
Who we hurt no
Welcome everyone 
To the freak show

Verse 2
A president 
That personifies
Evil at it's finest
And yet so many still

Believe in him
It is nothing short
Of social
Fucking madness
In a social construct
That is literally

Set to self destruct
Any day 
Yet all we seem

To want to do
Is fucking 
Look away

Not caring how far
This insanity has gone
While somehow
Still wondering why
Everyday is the same old song


The rabbit hole
We wake to
Closes around us
Though we barely notice
As we selfishly 
Blame each other
For how far mankind has gone


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