When Will We Learn

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
World leaders

Never giving a damn
About anyone but them
Leaving a society
Screwed over 
And wondering 
Why we ever 
Believed the lies
In the first place
That made us
Believe in them
Lost in the chaos
Wishing we could take
Our vote back

Whille asking each other
Will we ever learn

A world of chaos
Lost in madness
Should by now
Fucking know better

Yet election 
After elction
We do it again
Only to wonder

What the fuck
Just happened

Verse 2

Time and time again
The same old song 
Being sung
We bitch about it
Yet we are
The ones
Over and over again
Letting it be done
Never learning
Or over coming
Just a society 
Of weaklings 

To be strong
As we cast our vote
To let it happen again


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