Home Grown Terrorists

Song Lyrics


Verse 1

Another terror attack

Thank God this one went wrong

And no one died
From yet another bomb
And soul that is 
Beyond lost
Inspired by terrorist 
Bullshit fed to them online
Yet another one 
Radicalized on 
American soil
Keeping more people
From coming in 

Won't solve anything
The threat is already here
Anyone finally ready 
To admit that yet 
Or are we going to
Ignore that truth 
Once again

Home grown terrorists
Hatred learned 
While living here
It's the threat we face
Every fucking day
Wake up America
This threat 
It's not going away

Verse 2
Time and time again
We are attacked
And ignore the fact

That the people
Who attack us
Were either born here
Or turned here
We keep focusing 
On the threat 
Being elsewhere 
Never admitting to 
The problem within
Just pointing fingers 
Adding to the problem

The government 

How and what we think
Relying on us
To just let that be
And sadly society
That is exactly
What is happening
Wake up!!!!!






Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know I am late writing this. But this is in response to the failed terrorist attack in the New York Subway.

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