Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The universe 
Is one big lie
We fight ourselves
And don't know why
Power, greed,
Money, social status
All somehow
Mean more to us
Than our fellow man
We think power
Is everything
And what truly matters
Is nothing
Without it
We are nothing
Without it
Consumed by the madness
Surrounding it
We go to war 
And destroy each other for it
But what does it mean
That power we all seek

We think power 
Will get us everything
Yet we alienate 

Those who actually care
And end up alone with those
Who only pretend to
While doing nothing
But hurt everyone
And we think this is success
What the fuck is wrong with us

Verse 2
And evil
As long as we get
The power we want
Who gives a fuck

A world in chaos
A society lost
I see and feel it all
The death
The destruction
The children dying

The tears cried
Amid the screams
Asking why
People claiming to care
But only doing for themselves
In their daily fight
For more and power

All of humanity 
Falling further and further

Away from reality

But hey who cares right
As long as we have power and wealth
How the fuck did this become life


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