The Tragedy Of Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Lost in the tragedy
Of society
I retreat 
Inside of me
Just trying 
To find 
Any trace 
Of sanity
A world gone crazy
Losing daily
All traces of humanity
Left once again
With nothing 
But evil 
Stupidity and greed
Never caring about 
Those in need
And yet we wonder 
Why it is 
That madness is 
All we ever see

What have we done
Who have we become
Are you happy
Tell me 
Are proud society
Of the daily insanity

That has become
All we ever see

Verse 2
Too anxious to sleep
Always waking
To yet another
God damn tragedy
That at this point
We probably 
Should have seen coming
But yet surprise surprise
End up not really doing
About it anything
So it just becomes
The topic 
Of todays 
Only to be replaced
The next day
By the next tragedy
Fed up 
I go to bed
Trying to sleep
Dreading waking up
To the next tragedy
We fail to see coming


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