2017 Reality

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
What a reality
Government control
More of a thing
Than should
Ever be seen
A demon cheetoh
Having far too much fun
Having a go
At fucking up
The likes of everything
Making a game of it
While coming up with
Never ending
Reasons to fucking bitch
While being granted
His every whim and wish
As we sit on our couches
And just let it happen

The apocalypse started
And society 
Barely notice
Too consumed 

By their own insanity

To truly care
About anything
Yes welcome my friend
To the beginning 
Of the end

Verse 2
Welcome my friends
To the shit show
That never ends
We should have
Seen it coming

Yes we should have known
Yet we are now
Still more clueless
Than we have ever
Been willing to show
Even fucking now
When it is right in front
Of our faces wow
An epidemic
Of insanity
Facing us now
Laughing in our faces
And yet we continue
To deny, deny, deny
I just have three questions
Why, why, why




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