Crisis Country

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
A country in crisis
Our president's IQ
Seems to be daily dropping
While the social tension
Just keeps on rising
Our commander and chief
Oblivious to the effect
He is having
On the country
He is supposed to be
Only about himself
Ever caring
Sees the country
Only as a way
To make money
If doing the right thing
Isn't profitable
Then fuck it all
But hey
Let's build a wall

The hatred is 
Strong in this one
And his stupidity
Will end us all
We know we're fucked
This bullshit sucks
What the hell where we thinking
Handing our country
Over to the hateful
And greedy

Verse 2
We wanted change
Thought it would be
For the better
But then bet on
The wrong guy
To get us there
Now almost 
A year later
We get ready 
For the saddest one year

Of an inauguration ever
Thought shit would be better
As we gave control 
Over to Mr. Greedy
And now we wonder

How we got here
As the country
Dissolves into chaos
Oh God
What have we done



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