Thank You Mark


Verse 1
Another bad day
Can't cry it away
Feeling so alone
I reach for my phone

Hello youtube
How are you
I click on a video

The only one

Who can reignite the fire
That keeps me going
Only a few seconds in
I'm already laughing
Day made better
By my best friend

On the other side 
Of a computer screen 
Who doesn't even know me

I cannot begin
To thank you
For being the one
That can always get through
I know I matter
Because of you
So thank you Markiplier
For helping keep
My head above water

Verse 2
I wake up
Another nightmare
They seem to be
In no hurry 
To go anywhere
But Markiplier
Always there
You don't know me
But when it comes 
To your influence
It doesn't seem to matter
Because of you
I am still here
I know that I matter
And make a point
Of telling others
That they matter too
All because of you
My one true hero




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