Lies Over Truths

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
So sick of the world today
To each other's madness
We have become slaves
We love to tell each other
What to do
Like we expect
The world

To just 
Work that way
The bullshit news
Backs the lies 
We tell ourselves
But the truth 
Stays hidden 
Within me
And you
But why
Can you tell me
Can you

Lies told 
By the media
Becoming more
The truth
Than what is truly true
But to prove it
Can you

Verse 2
The world 
Is a shit pool
Of insanity 
Where the blind
Try to lead

The blind
As the rich
Profit from the poor
A million 
Times over
And get away with it
Because we are
Willing to let them
Because of the 
Insane belieif
That money
Equals the
Only power
We will ever need
Because a power future
Is all we are willing to see


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