Welcome To The Truth

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Born into a world
We don't understand
Neutral and open
To any and everything
Just waiting to be taught
Whether to hate or love
And given reasons why
A total blank slate
Learning day to day 
From those around us
About things like race
Religion and more 
And how to feel about it all
Often without 
Any real reason why
Born into a world of lies
Can somebody please 
Tell me why just why


Born with no concept
Of anything
A perfect clean slate
Ideal for teaching how
To do life the right way
Can you please tell me why
We keep insisting on teaching 
The wrong thing

Verse 2
Love is what
We should be teaching
But is something
Over shadowed 
By hatred we teach
Without meaning to 
Do so
With our actions
Tone of voice
And body language
And it's an
Everyday thing
Bullshit news
Dictating our views
And ultimately 
What we believe
Based on bullshit
We are allowed to see
Welcome to the truth
Of our society


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