Revenge Of A New Life

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Born in light
Forced into
I fight my way
Out of the shadows
And back into 
The life

Meant for 
But unjustly 
Hidden from me
By those who would
Do anything 

To avoid seeing

Me succeed

Lied to 
And beaten down by

By demons 
Who don't deserve
To be in my life
No longer afraid
I stand and say
Fuck you all
Today is just not 
Your day

Verse 2
Was destroyed
From the inside out
Never treated 
This way before
A whole new world
To sadly learn about
Innocent beginnings

Brutalized and worn out ending
Taken advantage of
Told I was too stupid
And weak to ever be
Fucking anything
I know better now
And guess whose turn
It is now
To be the one brought down


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