Survivor No Longer A Victim

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Was taught I was nothing
While I was growing
By those all around me
Abusers and bullies
Hell bent on 
Controlling me
Told who to be
Because it was
Expected of me
But not once
Did anybody
Ask me who
I wanted to be
And yet still they wonder

Why I say none of them

Ever in the least knew me

You tell me 
As your victim
To stop acting like one
You know what
Fuck it 
you got it
I am your victim no more
From now on
I am a survivor
And proud to be so

Verse 2

Come get me now bitch

No longer weak
Like you say 

And want me 
To believe I am
On my own
Two feet
I have finally 
Learned to stand
Will never again
Break and bend
Just for you 
To get your desired end
You treat me 
Like I am the one
Who is pathetic
However not to be rude
But seriously take a look
In the mirror 
The weak one
Who is pathetic
Is not me but you



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