Crazy: Welcome To Our Normal

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Insanity humanity
What has become
Of society
Everyone running
Around crazy
Is anyone even
Caring about
I mean ever
For that question
Does anyone even
Have an actual answer
Or just another one
That is once again
Cookie cutter

Crazy has become

Societies normal

Even more now
Than usual
And yet we just
Let it be 
Like we believe
There is nothing
That can be done about it
Wake up society
Before we all become
Victims of our own stupidity

Verse 2
Donald Trump is president
So the crazies now think

They can do anything
Because of it
Congrats Amercia
On the utter madness
We have created
Yes we did this
Are you proud yet
8 years of a good thing
Undone by just
One election
Is it worth it yet
Or have we finally
Had enough bullshit


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