The Insanity Of Reality

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Darkness surrounding
Smothering me
Circling thoughts
That are maddening
Becoming day dreams
That just 
Won't leave me
What is wrong with me
Can someone please 
Just tell me

What is fake
And what is real
Before I give into
This sadistic insanity

Insanity consuming
As my nightmares
Keep haunting
My nightime
And waking dreams
Am I crazy
Or is this reality
What is wrong with me

Won't someone help me

Verse 2
I just don't
Playing its hand
Over and over again
Welcoming me
With open arms

Like it expects me
To be there
As it casually 
Fucks me up again
Without a care
What the fuck
And oh good god
What now
As once again 
I fall down
The never ending rabbit hole


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