Another Day Another Tragedy

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Another day
Another tragedy
More and more of 
This shit happening

It seems like every day
It's so insane

It's maddening
Can somebody tell me
What the fuck
Ever happened 
To sanity
And humanity
26 people dead
Haven't we had
Enough of this shit yet

Yet another act
Of domestic terror
Are we ready yet
To admit the true threat
Is the one already here
Or are we really 
Just going to 
Once again 
Get nowhere 
As we continue arguing

Verse 2
Yes another tragedy
This time in a church
A place of worship
For those trying to get
Into heaven
Mothers and children
Among the dead
And the wounded
I can't wrap 
My head around it

And fuck I don't want to
I mean do you
Can you stomach it
Tell me society
Will humanity 

Ever learn 

To truly be human





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