Jack A Boy


Verse 1
Jack a boy
17 million subs
And counting
You deserve them all
And then some

A man beyond awesome
No there is none like him
Unique as fuck
Just the way we like him
Real and true
He loves me
And you
And everyone 
In between
Grateful for all of us
And never shy about it
I don't know about you
But I owe him more
Than he or I 
Could ever wrap 
Our heads around it

17 million
And counting
That's insane
And yet 
I saw it coming
Congrats Jack
You more than deserve it

Verse 2
Like a boss
He gets our attention
By being the lovable
Person he is
Then lures us in 
By making us laugh
So hard I'm crying
You can't get
Enough of
And wonderful
There are not enough 
Positive words
In the human language
To describe him
Humble and beautiful
That's our Jack A boy
in a nut shell
We love him
And we always will
Congrats Jack
17 million
That's insane 
Yet you truly do
Deserve it all and then some


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