Stronger Than I Look

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Not who you 
Think I am
Looks are decieving
When it comes to me

Innocent and sweet
Or so you think
When you look at me
Little and weak
Not so much
But you will
Learn that
The hard way

Stronger than I look
And willing to prove it

To anyone
Any haters out there

Can shove it
I am me
And proud of it

Verse 2
Not easily swayed
I dance to the music

I wish to be played
My own mind
I do make
Bull shit
And bullying
I will no longer take
I will rise above the madness

And give in not

To the pointless sadness
My life is mine
And mine alone
Have had enough

With being told
Who to be
And what to do
Fuck that shit
I'll take it from here


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