Michael Myers Comes For You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Halloween is coming
And so is he

Yes it's time 
For the boogey man
To come home once again
Michael Myers
Is what they call him

He comes searching

For his next victim
Yes he comes for you
Now whatcha gonna do
Run and hide

Go ahead a try
But you know 
That old Mike

Yes a way to get you
He we still find
Your'e fucked
And you know it
Good luck
Your gonna need it

It's Halloween again

Here he comes
The boogey man
Never says a word
As he casually chases you down
Not even breaking a sweat
His victim he has found

Verse 2
You try to find 
A place to hide

As you run away
But no place is safe
This is his day
You are playing his game
And you are his
Chosen prey
Nothing to do
Nothing to say
You run in vain
Desperate but you know
You can't get away
You try to fight back
But he is unfazed
As you stare in a daze
You eyes meet
His soulless gaze
You start to pray
But you know it's hopeless
Because in the end
He will always get you
And there is not a damn thing
About it you can fucking do


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