Down In The Dark

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Lying in bed
Screaming inside
Lost in darkness
Surrounded by

Faded shadows
Dancing all around me
What do they want

I have never known
Why do they want me

What am I missing

Who am I to them
Who am I supposed to be
Are they trying 
To show me something
What am I supposed to see
As I fade away 
Into a broken dream
Once again taking

Control of me
What's wrong with me

Darkness surrounds me
I am not afraid
It is my friend
It comforts me
Clinging to sanity

I'm going crazy
Lost inside
I lose my mind

Wishing for a
Way to wake
From this dream 
I could find


Verse 2
Haunted by nightmares
Feeling alone
What have I done

Who have I become

Falling into madness
That turns to bliss
Nothing makes sense
What the hell is this
Is this life

Is this death
Is reality
Or just make believe
Am I real
Or just part of
Someones imagination
This isn't normal
What am I here for
Do I have a purpose
Or does it even
Matter anymore



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