Facing My Demons

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Demons surround me 
Not sure why 
They are here
I didn't invite them
Can't seem

To get rid of them
So sick of fighting them

I won't let them win

No not this time

My time has come tonight
It's time to take 

Back my life
End this nightmare
And do it right
This life is mine
And it's time for me

To win this fight


Hell surrounding 
And following me

No matter what I do
Or what I say
Like life has become

One big game
I don't want to play
How did it get this way
Time to end this madness
This hell ends today

Verse 2
Drowning in shadows
Meant to scare me

I am no longer afraid
Eerie feelings
A chill in the air
I hear a whisper
No ones there
They play with me
Taunting me
Thinking they willl 
Win again
Like they always do
But not today 
As all of them
I turn to face
They can't hurt me

Not if I don't let them
They power
No longer
I'm done with them
I open my mouth
Finding my voice 
i shout go away
Get the fuck out
Your time is done 

My life is once again mine
As of today


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