One Step Forward, A Hundred Steps Back

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Progress was made

Depending on

Who you ask
And to keep it going

We had one job
That we will never 
Live down failing

Now going backwards
We sadly are

No two ways about it

While the man responsoble

Feeds us nothing but shit
As his supporters
Eat that shit up
With a fucking spoon
Laughing at all 
The rest of us 
Are trying to do
To stop the madness
All of us
Knowing full well
We are all 
Seriously fucking fucked

One step forward
A hundred more back
How is that supposed 
To make America 
Great again
Man shooting man
Gun laws that make no sense
We are drowning in a world

That is no longer with it
Does anyone else 
Still give a shit

Verse 2
An election 
Of self destruction

The demon 
And his minions won
And everyday
The price 
We are paying
Almost one year later
Tell me folks 
Was your vote worth it
Did you get the change
That you wanted
Or are you still waiting
Just like the rest of us
For him to stop spewing
Nothing but daily insanity

Hatred and lies

As he pulls yet
Another veil 
over our eyes
Welcome to the rut
From hell

Fed up yet



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