A Crack In The Universe

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Dreamers and
Freedom fighters
Barely hanging in there 
In a world spiralling down
Living out of control 
Always searching

But there is no sanity
Ever to be found
Madness and chaos
Surrounding us everywhere
While those in charge
Lie and tell us
There is nothing to fear
We've got this
Just wait and see
As they destroy everything
While their supporters
Keep marching blindly
To the tune of death
And insanity
Screaming so loud
It's deafening
But we don't
Hear a thing
For we have already

Stopped listening

Dreamers living 
In nightmares
The peace seekers 
Can't seem to wake from
As the rebels 
Can't decide where 
To begin and what 
To fight first
The world is upside down
We scream but no one 
Is listening 
To the end we are falling

The ground is quickly approaching

If only we hadn't already stopped caring

Verse 2
There is a crack 
In the universe
Reality has become

But a joke
More and more
With every lie 
That is spoken
The world is broken
It's our own fault
And to fix it

It's up to us

We know shit's fucked up
We know we are stuck
In a never ending rut
But that's what has
Me fucking shook
And mother fucker

It fucking should
We know it's up to us

But we would rather 
Sit around on our asses
Point our fingers
And complain about it
Than get up
And do something about it
The truth is clear
We are to blame

For getting
And staying here




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