Can't Wake Up (What Have You Done)

Song Lyrics


Verse 1


Tears you hide
Behind stoic eyes
Begging and screaming 
For an answer to why

The universe 
Does seem to
Laugh at you
No matter 
What you do
Work so hard
Trying to get so far
But you never do 
It's like a brick wall
Popping up 
In front of you
Never failling 
To stop you
You fight and you fight
But it doesn't matter
It laughs as 
Once again you fall
As you scream 
Fuck it all

Dreaming of a better world
And ways to make it happen
While living it a nightmare
That just isn't fair
No matter what you do
It gets the best of you
Life's fucked up
You can't wake up
What have you done

To deserve this
God what have you done

Verse 2
Walking alone
Fighting the urge

To let yourself

Feel dead inside
You fight back the tears
A million times before
You have already cried
For reasons that still
Have you begging 
For answers why
Turn on the tv 
Big mistake
Within seconds
Your heart it breaks
The news is too much
Everyday just gets worse
The worlds gone mad
Want to lend a hand
But struck down again
Before you can
As the universe screams
Bitch your fucked
You should just give up




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