Samhain (Halloween Is Coming)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Samhain is coming

Yes my beautiful Halloween

The holiday

Of which my heart
And very soul does dream
A day of mischief 
And madness
When the veil lifts 
Between the dead

And the living
As the monsters
Come to party
Come to life
As reality 
And it's lines
Blur into 
A night of 
Insanity come to life
Do you have 

What it takes

To survive the night

Halloween is coming

Are you ready
I hope you are

Spooks and spirits
Goblins galore
You never know

What you are 
In store for
Now close your eyes
And count to five

It's time for Halloween
To finally arrive

Verse 2

Magick surrounding me already
Can you feel it
Tell can you feel it

Screaming as closer
And closer it gets

To the midnight hour
When the madness

Gets to start
Chaos gets to reign
As the witches and demons

Get to run a mock
And live it up
While horror 
Gets to run freely
As our nightmares
Come to life

For but only
Just one night
Vampires and zombies
For your blood
And your brains to come

But remember it is all in fun
No real harm meant 
Or even done
When it comes to the festivities
Of my beautiful Halloween


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