Little Specks

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Oh how small
We really are
One speck 
Making up a race
Hell bent 
On hurting others

For power and pleasure
Living in greed and insanity
As puppets on a string
Being controlled 
By even more puppets
Just as oblivious 
And dangerous 
As they are
And yet they look around
And the madness that surrounds 
And wonders how they got here

Dropping bombs 
And taking lives
In the dead of night
Shooting each other up
Like they have the right
Claiming to want peace
While acting otherwise
Billions of little specks
In the universe crying why
As what they seek 
They never find

Verse 2
So little respect 
For human life

They barely know

The meaning of the word
Yet depmand it for nothing
Always thinking they are something
Or someone important
And screaming to be worshipped
As they shove each other aside
And take another hundred more selfies
While not realizing 
It's their very planet
Their one and only home

As well as themselves
they are destroying 
In the process
With their ignorance 
And madness 
No one want to take 
Responsibility for 
Let alone fix
Just a bunch of specks
In the universe
Refusing to learn





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