Time To Shake Things Up

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
All around you
Yet seldom seen
By a society 
Whose madness 
We are sick 
Of drowning in
The rebels and dreamers
Who see all
When everyone else
Sees only what they 
Want to see
And stay blind to the rest
The peace seekers
Who wish only

To make things better
In a world that has

Long ago lost itself
Sick of all the bullshit

We rise and come 
To shake things up


Tired of all the madness
Ruling the fucking planet
No longer afraid 
To stand up
And do something about it
We step out of the shadows
And prepare for war
As we rise and fight 
For the change we came for

Verse 2

Tired of living 
In a world gone mad
We look around
It all just makes us sad
Hatred and insanity
Ruling the day
While society
Argues and bitches 
It's life away
Destroying each other
Over nothing
But bullshit 
They only think is important
Greed and insanity
Leading the way 
For hate to fuck 
Everything up
And for what
The time has come
Yes we must shake things up
We must rise and get us
Once and for all 
Out of this rut


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