Just Imagine It

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Imagine what would happen
If we stopped fighting

And started helping
Stop destroying 
And started fixing
Started healing

Instead of hurting 
Each other 
And treated 
Each other 

Like the brothers 
And sisters we are

Imagine how 
Much better things could be

If we all just started
Treating each other
As human beings
Instead of walking play things

Imagine it

Yes imagine will you
A world full of people
All together working

No more foolish fighting
Or wars being fought 
In greed
Just imagine it
Can you picture it
How much better 
Things would finally be

Verse 2
Imagine a world 
In which People
Were just people
Not statistics 
Or fucked up labels
Just people 
Living as equals
Instead of divided 
By religion or race
Gender or sexual preference 
And social status

No more hinding 
Who we are 
Or who we love
Everyone accepted
Respected for who they are

And choose to be
A world of beautiful individuality
And no more bull shit conformity
Imagine it
Just imagine it

Now fight for it and make it happen


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