From Weak To Free

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
She used to be weak
Naive an easy target
Never questioned enough
Trusted to easily
And was way
Too quick to forgive
Even when she knew she shouldn't
A girl never given a second chance
By so many she couldn't bare
Not giving one to others
Kicked around and tossed aside
By far too many 
In her miserable life
She has had enough
She's fucking done
Mind once fucked up
No longer stuck
Eyes wide open 
She has woken up

A verbal punching bag
And bully play ground
Always so beaten down
She rises now
From the ground
Shouts no more
Takes back her life
And no longer fearing anything

She declares herself finally free

Verse 2
Stronger now
Than ever before
Pissed off 
And rightfully so
She vows to never again
Let herself fall
The way she did before
Stands up and fights
For anyone out there
Who is like her
Mistreated and never

She speaks out 
Against the bullies
Big a small
Holds out her hand
To those who need it
Lifts them up
Tells them they aren't alone
While encouraging them
To rise above the madness
Surrounding them too
Take their lives back 
Own who they are
Own it and declare
Their own freedom






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