Man Made Hell

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
A world of hell
Consisting of 
A society 
Filled with 
Sell outs
And shout outs
Being more important
Than individuals
And speaking out

Fitting in and selfies
The name of the game
Every fucking day
We know it's a problem
But don't want to change
While having no problem
Bitching about
How nothing changes
The world has become madness
How much more 
Can we take of this

A man made hell
On earth
Knew better better
Created it anyway
As we  live in denial
About all of it
Too busy pointing fingers
At each other 
To do anything about it
We need to wake up 
Before there is 

Nothing left

Verse 2
Social status
Bank accounts
Are how we judge
A persons worth
Social media
What's it to ya
More important 
Than the fate
Of our great
Mother earth
We love to bitch
But when it comes
To doing something
About it
Never seem to want to
Move an inch
Not my problem we say
As we take the 
Hundredth selfie 
Of the day
We've lost ourselves
Welcome to hell



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