Needs, Wants, And Madness

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Filled with hate 
In all the worst ways
Day after day
Consumed by greed
Driven by the pursuit of power
They shouldn't have 
And only think they need
The demons we let lead
Turn our world into a sad sight
Continuing to dismantle
A planet and society

That should be
But never 
Truly is free
Not really 
But hey as long as we
Believe we are

That's what matters right

Needs and wants
Two different things
A world of greed
Too consumed by want
To care about actual needs
Of those who aren't us
Rich get richer
Poor get poorer
While nobody seems to care
How the fuck 
Did we get here

Verse 2
A planet dying before us
We don't give a fuck
While society falls 
Apart at the seems
The world needs fixing
But we won't fix it
Unless we can

Make a profit 
Off of it
Money matters to us
Way more than it should
And we know it
But have no desire 
To change that
As we all fall victim
To each others madness
When will it end



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