Empty Fools

Song Lyrics


Verse 1

Just a world 
Of lost souls
Walking alone
Not realizing 
They are being controlled
While each other 
They try to control
Empty shells
Of black holes
Waiting to be told
Just where to go
Who to be
What to dream
And what to believe
Society is this really
What we consider 
As being free



Society fooling itself

Into thinking its free
And can try what it see
When in reality
We see what the media
And those in power
Wants us to see
And we question nothing
Wake up
Wise up
Fight back
And see our true reality


Verse 2
The truth of our society
We have let ourselves

Become to blind to see
Taking way too much
And far too many 
At face value 
While blatantly 
Being lied to
As those who dare
To speak the truth
Are crucified
Vilified and ignored
While being labeled 
Insane or somehow a traitor
A threat to what we perceive
Our reality to be

Because it's what 
We are told to believe
Wake the fuck up
My little sheep
You got questions to start asking






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