World Of Puppets (Take Our Freedom Back)

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world's fucked up
So many just giving up
Begging for all
The madness 
To just stop
Masks on
A new day 
Has begun
New day 
Same shit
Just like always

Everyone looking 
For someone else
To do something
While doing nothing 
Society what have we become

A world of puppets
Controlled by 
Other puppets 
While those at the top
Laugh about it
I'm done 
I'm sick of it
Time to take 
Our freedom back

Verse 2
Masks off
Stand up
Speak out 
Be heard 
By a world
So lost it 
No longer 
Knows itself
Free others 
By first freeing yourself
Show the world
What life is really about
Stand your ground
Refuse to be brought down
And thrive in the true you
That has finally been found


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