The Sad Shell Of The World

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
The world today
A sad shell

Of what it 
Could have

And should
Have been
Had it not been 
For ignorance

And blind 
Fucking hatred
By those in power
Using everyone they can
For one and only one purpose
More power


Mankind working
For nothing more
Than the all mighty
Fucking dollar
In the name 
Of a god they claim exists 
Corrupted souls 
Who will save us
When our own evil
Sinks us all

Verse 2
A world gone to hell
By our own will
The rich getting richer
As the poor gets poorer
Never getting theirs
Divide and conquer 
Spoil one
And to the other

Feed nothing
But fear and despair
Then step back
And enjoy the madness

That happens next
What have we done


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