So Much Pain

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
This planet
And society
Destroying itself
Not meant for me
Yet here I am
Stuck in the middle
Of a madness
Far too many
Just don't 
So many hurting
I just don't get it
Why don't more
Fucking care

So much pain
Every day
We try to lie
It all away
But it's always
In fucking vain
When will we get it
And understand
This shit isn't going away

Verse 2
Everyone watching
The world go to shit
But no one does anything
Expecting someone else
To fucking do it

While all we do is
Sit around on our couches

And bitch about it
Screaming about how 
It is everyone elses problem
But never ours
We watch the news everyday
Always wondering why
Maybe we have ourselves to blame





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