Society Of Madness

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
Society of madness
Living in echoing darkness
Broken sadness
Spread across a universe
Of uncertainty
Bad today
Worse tomorrow
When does it end
When does it end
Do we care
Will we ever
And when we do
What then
Will we have 
Gotten it in time
Or will it be too late
And if so what then
Yes what then

Madness consuming us all
Who will be there

When we fall
God or our version
Of him
Driven by Satan
We let ourselves believe 
But at the end of the day
Who are we really following

Verse 2
Society hears
Yes it believes 
What it wants to
And disregards the truth
All this is 
Is same old shit
Different day
And that is the problem
For it should not be this way

But it is always
And we know it too
But as much as we 
Complain about it

We do less than shit about it

And wonder why it still happens
Wake up folks

We are stuck in a loop
We put ourselves in
And can only get ourselves
Out of




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