How Many More

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A night like any other
Going to a concert
Gonna get my groove on
Nothing out of the ordinary
Or so I thought
Shots rang out
1,2,3, then 4
Followed by 
Countless more
I hit the floor 
People already gone
Around me
As I scream
God how many more

Not again
America we are
Better than this
And yet this is how
We decide to
Fucking show it
How many more
Before we have

Had enough
How many more
Before we get it
And do something
About it
How many more

Verse 2
So many victims
Gone but not forgotten
Heroes hailed 
In a country that failed
To stop such a travesty
Watch this spark
The same insanity
As every other shooting
Gun control
A topic
Everyone talks about
But no one listens
Both sides attacking each other
Always thinking one is right
And the other wrong
But what if we are both 
Right and wrong
What then
And what will it matter
If no one is willing

To fucking listen


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