The Truth Of You

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
I was so young
Innocent and naive
Didn't see you coming
Eight years old
Perfect life 
And brought 
To an end
By someone 
Who pretended 
To be good
Earned my trust
And my love
Only to fuck me over
As you blamed me
For everything

The truth of you
Manipulated and fucked up
Meant for us to see
And believe
What you want us to
All lies

And you know it too
But like wqhen it
Comes to me
You don't care
Never have
Never will

Verse 2
Perfect is what 
You want 
Everyone to think
When they look at you
But oh if they only knew
You live to see me cry
And tell me 
That the blame is mine
I am a nobody
In your eyes
But for the life of me
I can't understand why
You are a living lie
Yet you call me blind

To my truth 
But bitch 
The lie is you


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