Jacksepticeye (Like A Boss)


Verse 1

The boss of youtube
Knows just what to do
To make us all smile
The beautiful apple of our eye
The one and only
The Irish boy wonder
Who makes the world better
One video at a time
Incredible man
Amazing to his fans
If he can't make 
Your day better
No one can
So if you love him
Like I do 
Say it with me now
One and all

Like a boss
He rocks each video
Like a boss
You know he inspires
Each and every
One of you
Brilliant and beautiful
Funny and positive
He's the boss 
Of youtube
And we thank you Jack
For all that you do

Verse 2

Top of the morning to ya laddies
That's all he has to say
To like a boss
Make us smile
And make our fucking day
He melts our hearts
And lifts our spirits
With every video he makes
Silly and proud
Makes us laugh
Out loud
Awesome and real
Makes our day better
Even when like shit
We do feel
Jack is the man
No matter what you say
He makes me happy
Like a boss all the way










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