Madness Does Not Define Me

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
I keep on 
Holding on
For sanity
That never comes
Riots starting 
All the time
In my mind
Rebelling against 
The chaos

Making me blind

To the good
Right before
My very eyes

Madness fucking
With my head
I dream of peace

But get insanity 
Once again instead
Is this my destiny
Please some one tell me
Is this all there is
Or is there more 
Waiting for me

Verse 2
Fucking with
My reality
Laughing every 
Step of the way
Day after day
Makes me feel
Like I am 
Running from me
Just to seek any
Sense of sanity
But now I know
I am not the enemy
So if you want 
To silence me
You will have to 
Do better
Because I am afraid
No longer



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