Madness Dividing The Country

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
A country divided 
Been here before
Never thought

That today 
Could ever be
Worse than before

Yet here we are 
What have we done

How quickly 
We have forgotten
Where we came from
My God society
What have we done

One step forward
A hundred steps back
Welcome to todays society
In a pathetic little nut shell
Out of touch
With reality
Sanity nowhere to be seen
I wake up 
To madness
Winning again

Verse 2
Madness wins
As we fail to care
Once again
Society falls further
While wondering 
Why it is 
That we should 
Even bother
As daily we buy
What the bullshit
That is the media 
Does sell us
The masses get dumber
As the rich get richer


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