Mutual Demons (What The Fuck Happened)

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
I was your demon
And you were mine
Both of us daily 
Screaming for 
An answer why
You my bully
Me your victim
That's how you 

Liked it
Made me sick
As you just said
Girl it's all in your head
Stop pretending
No more excuses
You need to 
Grow up instead

I was drowning

You said
Get over it
I needed help
You said stop making

Excuses and making
My life hell
You gave up on me
And so did I
How the fuck

Am I still alive

Verse 2
I was lost
Beyond lost
You did everything
That you could
To make it worse
Not worthy 
Of being your family
A  point made 
Abundantly clear
You never wanted me
Never loved
Or trusted me
Never listened
When I needed
you to
I was the family
You never wanted


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