The World Is Backwards

Song Lyrics

Verse 1


The world is upside down
And backwards
Society no longer
Trying to move forward
Now in chaos we spiral
Totally out of control
As in our own hatred
We drown
Politically correct
Has gone too far
Everyone winning
Somehow but no one
Ever taking
Look around folks
Is there sanity in any of this
Is there sanity anywhere
Or only madness left
To control the masses

Nazi's taking over
Fucking everything
An entire country
Watching in dismay
And horror
What have we become
Down the toliet
We do drown
My god 
What have we done

Verse 2

Freedom of speach
Turned into
Freedom of hate
Too afraid
This day and age
And fans online

To alienate
So you just

Go with it
Why not 
If you didn't
Someone else would
But it's all bullshit
And you know it
Rise above 
Be a role model
Go on and
Teach through your actions


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