Congrats And Thank You Markimoo


Verse 1
The youtuber
That never fails 
To make my
Bad days better
18 million subscribers
From all around the world
No we can't all be wrong
About the beautiful soul
That makes me laugh
And feel amazing
Even as I write this
I am watching
I am laughing
As he is inspiring
The world needs
More like him


The king
Of youtube
Aka the king of
The squirrels
And greatest man
We all know
Loves his fans
Something he
Never hesitates to show
We love you Mark
More than you 
Will ever know
Congrats on 18 million
You deserve it all and more
Verse 2
The fighter
That fights for 
All of us
All of us
To be who we are
No matter what
Fucking bull shit
Society says
The one
Who stands for 
Every single
One of us
Funny as fuck
Leader of good
But doesn't even know it
Despite the millions of us fans
Willing to show it



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