The Injustice Of The Death Of Philando Castile

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
7 shots rang out
The aftermath
Seen live on facebook
Another man dead
By a cops hand
A cop who claims
He was afraid for his life
7 shots later
I find it hard to believe him
Gee I wonder why
His girlfriend cries
As does the child
In the backseat 
Who saw the whole thing
While the cop just yells and argues
As the man he shot bleeds to death
Explain that officer Yanez

A country once again outraged
And for this man 
Did not hesitate
To take a stand 
Rallies and marches
For justice
Only for his killer 
To walk free
What the fuck is
Going on with my country

Verse 2
12 jurors had a chance

To do the right thing
And send a message
To cops around the country
That we will put up 
With this bullshit
No longer
And finally hold 
Law enforcement 
To a higher standard
They had the chance
To do just that
But did no such thing
Now a killer walks free
Another killer cop
Not held accountable
For actions reprehensible
Anyone else as 
Pissed off as me



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