Keep On Shining On

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Own who you are
Who ever that is
Own that shit
And keep on
Shining on
Let no ones darkness
Get you down
Yes own your life
And stand tall
Rise above those
Who will try to
Make you feel
Like nothing at all
Make your stand
And take control
Of a life rightfully yours
And let your light
Shine brighter than
Bright tonight
In a world
Gone so wrong

Become your own sun
And shine on
Even when 
The darkness comes
Be the light shining
Through the clouds
And keep on
Shining on

Verse 2
Find your purpose in life
Your reason for being
Free your mind
Spread your wings
And learn to fly
Spread your shine
Everywhere you go
Every corner of the globe
Teach the world
The wisdom you know
And let your peace
All around you glow
Be the light
Not afraid to fight
Or stand up for
What is right
Be the inspired 
Who strives to inspire
And never lose
That passion fire


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