Masked Society

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Things are not always
As they may seem
Same goes 
For people
Masks is the name
Of the social game
We all play
The most 
Convincing mask wins
The one that can fake 
Being someone else
Fake being who
They are told to be
Fake being something
Or someone they hate
The most convincingly 
Is the winner iof the day

Lies we tell ourselves
We must be 

To fit into a society
Of insane conforminaty
Masks that bare 
Part of a facde
We would rather
Be rid of
It's all killing us
So why are we 
Letting it

Verse 2
Stand up
Speak up 
Let your trueself
For once be heard
Take a stand
Rip off that mask
Dare to stand out
In that crowd
And to the madness
Of society no longer
Let yourself back down
Take your life back
And never let it go
It's yours now
No one can tell you
How to live it but you
So live it up
Don't ever look back
And do yourself proud


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