Fuck Stereotypes

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Fuck stereotypes
The bullshit labels
Given to us 
By People not

Thinking right
Drama seekers
Always looking 
To throw a fit
And pick a fight
Never really caring

About what's right
And not too bright
Pay no attention to them
Or their bullshit tonight

Rise above the madness
And the lies
Forget about how 
The weak minded 
Choose to see you
In their eyes
Just be you 
The true you inside
And do so with pride

You are no stereotype
Just a beautiful
One of a kind

Verse 2
Fuck the haters
And their chatter
Let no one tell you
Who you are
Or that you 
Don't matter
Never give in
To hateful master
To which they cater
Fight back against
Their insanity and chaos
And rise above their level
No never let yourself fall
Down to where they are
And be proud of 
Coming so far


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