Song Lyrics

Verse 1 
We are all puzzles
Broken with pieces
Waiting to be seen
And life is a maze
Not meant to be
Figured out with ease
Figments of a story
Bigger than us all
With secrets 
Waiting to be unlocked
Through open minds 
And unblinded eyes
With imaginations 
That make souls fly
And allow us to see
Both what is
And what could be

We are all pieces
Of each others puzzles
Meant to work together
For we are all in this 
Foever together 
As part of a bigger story
Meant to be learned from
Not destroyed
Not hated 

Verse 2
A point of view
Sadly foreign
To a society 
Still searching
For a clue
Wondering what to do
A point of view
By hatred
And biased
Our society has
Far too much of
We need to wake up
So that the secrets
Hidden inside the puzzles
That are us
Can finally be unlocked


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