Dream On Dreamers

Song Lyrics


Verse 1
All the dreamers
In the world unite
Gather round
And join the fight
The world’s gone wrong
Must make it right
Help a society gone blind
Open their eyes
And see the light tonight
Set free those
Who the madness
Of the world does bind
Teach them to 
Spread their wings
And let their souls fly

Dream on dreamers
My truly beautiful believers
Fighting for something better
Keep on believing
Keep on fighting
Never get discouraged
For all things are possile
As long as there are
Dreamers like you 
In the woirld

Verse 2
Stand up
My fellow peace seekers
Fight for change 
Sorely needed
And spread the peace
Most have only seen
In their dreams
Open the minds 
Of a puppet society 
Lost in nothing but insanity
Make them believe 
In the better world
Of which you dream
And know in your hearts
Is possible


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